About Me & Contact

I am an introverted stay-at-home mom to an extremely extroverted, take-charge three-year-old. I spend most of my days trying to keep her from out-smarting me. I also take care of two other young children and have a really awesome husband who makes it all happen.

My expertise includes:
-writing (blog, short stories, my own YA novels)
-teaching (I was a 4th grade teacher for four years)
-reading (young adult fiction, sci-fi, or fantasy, especially)
-swing pushing (I can keep 3+ kids going at once)
-controlling stomach bile (as I incessantly wipe gross things from assorted bums, noses, faces, fingers, and various furniture pieces)
-playing with children in order to avoid housework

I also like to write about (though claim to be no expert in):

Contact me at: jlhendricks924@yahoo.com