Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Candy Land

"If you will skip your movie before bed, we'll all play Candy Land together."
 She'd never go for it, I thought. It had been a busy evening- enjoying the weather outside by raking leaves and playing soccer. We still had dinner and bath on the agenda, and time was running short. To my surprise, she heartily agreed.

After awhile, the game was running long. We'd been playing about 30 min, which is about 10 times the length of a 3-yr-old's attention span. Cory started rigging the cards so Cate would get the candy cards that move you several spaces. She seemed to have the concept down that to win, she wanted to move closer to the castle at the end. She seemed disappointed when she got moved back toward the beginning. UNTIL.
Guys, you should have seen her face when she drew the card that took her to that star. She gasped and her eyes grew to twice their size. She flashed the card around and sang, "Igot the sta-ar, I got the sta-ar!" We were all close to the end when it happened, so she had to go quite a ways backward. She didn't care. She had been saying the whole game, "I sure wish I would draw the star." We were almost done- I was about to win, and she was like, "Go ahead. I think I'll just stay here at Gummy Pass."
And I can't blame her. It is pretty cool. As she pointed out, it has a train, lots of giant gummies, and that awesome bridge short-cut. She thought she'd just camp there for awhile.
Just a reminder today, that life's about the journey.

(And also, the hubs is pretty much a genius since he can rig a game so Cate gets what she wants most, and I still win. That man knows me well.)

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Emileigh said...

That is awesome! Such a great moment!