Monday, November 05, 2012

little red

I'm pretty sure that the idea for the Little Red Riding Hood costume came from an episode of the Wonder Pets. Since she saw that episode, she has been assembling her cast and directing a production of the story. On one trip to Ft. Stockton, we all stood in the front yard as she told us our roles: grandma, woodsman, big bad wolf. Of course, she was always Little Red. It cracked us up because even though she knew what would happen, and she knew who was playing the parts, she would still get a little spooked by the big bad wolf.
She made Micah and Bryan play this game with us once, and was frustrated with them for not knowing their lines. My, how she loves to be in charge!
Cory liked this photo. It's a little ominous...(Look out, Opa.)
 In front of Grandi and Opa's house.
 Love this look of absolute glee. That, folks, is what it's all about.
 This one is in front of our house. She made the door decorations at school (very proud that she chose a 'mean face' instead of a happy face on her jack o' lantern) and the results of our pumpkin painting project are to the right.
My awesome friend Ashlee made the cape. Perfect costume, perfect Halloween!


Kimberly Reaves said...

Perfect Cate!

Grandi said...

I love these pictures! That smile! What a time, so fun. Little Red was just perfect for her. I remember the "role play" and I was worried, as I knew what happens at the end of the story! Thanks for writing this!