Wednesday, October 31, 2012

autumn awesomeness

There was a time when many of these things would have their own separate posts, but y'all. I am ridiculously scatter-brained at the moment. I have no less than 6 unpublished posts waiting in my blog queue, and none of them are finished. So here, you have a condensed version of all the awesome things we've been doing since the season has changed. 
First up, Catherine the Great in all of her adorable glory.
And gosh, I knew I was going to post this pic on the blog, but I got antsy and posted it on facebook anyway. I hate it when I do that. But the kids loved painting pumpkins last week. They were even fairly clean about it. (Nobody painted their own faces, anyway.)
Mimi and Poppa, Uncle Gary, and Haley and Buck all visited the grand Hub City. We took them to the corn maze, watched lots of football, and ate lots of yummy food. LOVED having them here.
Over the weekend, we carved pumpkins with Mom and David, Bryan and Micah, and the girls. Loved these expressions:
 I was pretty impressed with our pumpkin if I do say so myself.

Also on the docket, we went trick-or-treating with Grandi and Opa. I plan on posting some of those pics soon, but they're all hidden away on Cory's fancy camera, which I don't even pretend to know how to operate. And y'all know I'm doing good just to get some pics off my phone. Cate had a blast with them, though. All day she practiced going to the door and saying, "Trick or Treat!" while Grandi and Opa doled out the candy. She had just as much fun going door to door as she did handing out candy to the other kids (careful to save all the Nerds for herself, of course). 
That brings you up to date! I am hopeful (if not confident) that there will be some trick-or-treating pictures coming soon!