Saturday, July 21, 2012

Day 6: Hiking and Wildlife

We like it so much in Mammoth, that we’ve changed our plans! Really, we’re just tired of packing and unpacking our tent. We decided to stay at the Mammoth tent site for a few days and just drive to where we want to sight-see and hike. Cate seems to love the car, and the driving is a great opportunity for her to get a nap in.
We woke in the morning and Cate declared that she wanted pancakes, yogurt, and chips for breakfast. In fact, she declared it to everyone she saw. It seemed inevitable that we would end up at the restaurant for breakfast instead of delving into the cooler the way we had been.
After a delicious and hearty breakfast (with pancakes shaped like a bear) and claiming our tent site, we drove out the north east road, where the wildlife was promised to be most plentiful. We were not disappointed as a small dirt road took us past a black bear. We’ve also seen plentiful pronghorn, elk, and bison. Moose and wolves still prove to be elusive at this point, but we’ll continue to keep our eyes peeled.
We made it to Tower Fall, where we stopped for about a half-mile hike. (A few years ago, a half-mile hike would have been nothing, but having a preschooler along changes everything…especially hiking times!) After taking in the vista of the waterfall, we hiked down to the river.

We took our shoes off and soaked our toes in the chilly water. Cate and I threw rocks to try to hit a big boulder in the middle of the stream. I was really dreading the uphill hike back to the car, but Cate did great. She retreated back into an imaginary world where Rocket (from Little Einsteins) was lost. She would look for him with the ‘noculars and tell us that if we saw a moose chasing him to yell, “Moose!” We found it humorous that we’d be walking along, yelling “Moose!” and people would turn and say, “Where?!”


Grandi said...

Love this story! Cate is so fortunate to be with ya'll and having this adventure! Such beautiful place. And the pic of the "little hiker" with her backpack and noculars is super.

bj said...

do u mind if i use some of cate's pictures for my blog?

jessica said...

Of course you can!

Emileigh said...

"MOOSE!" LOL! That's priceless.

I love the picture where you can see Cory down by the river and Cate is just chillin' looking around. I'm so glad that Cate did so well.