Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Day 5: Mammoth Springs

I swear, we spent all morning in the bathroom while Cory tore down the campsite. Cate likes it in there because that’s where all the people are. She makes friends with everyone she meets. I love watching her; people just respond to her. People of all ages stop and talk to her, and she’s not shy about answering their questions. Sometimes I think we have complete opposite approaches to life- I try to talk to/bother as few people as possible, and she’s not satisfied if she hasn’t met someone new yet.

We drove up to the Mammoth Springs hotel to stay for the night. It was so nice to spread out a bit and have showers on-hand. Cate still gets the words hospital and hotel confused, so she kept asking, “What’s this place called again?”
There is a boardwalk built all around the Springs, so it made for semi-easy climbing. (It turns out to still be a little difficult with a 45-pound child on your back.) Cate actually did great climbing up the springs because she and Cory got a head start in front of me, and spent the whole time trying to beat me to the top. When she got tired, I hoisted her in the child carrier. Describing the springs is difficult, it’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen. I heard a young girl telling her mom, “I guess it’s pretty. Kind of.” I think that pretty much describes it. It’s not so much beautiful as it is extraordinary, otherworldly. The pictures speak for themselves:

Dinner that night was at a picnic table next to a creek that we happened upon.
Then we hit the hotel for long showers, charging of all our electronic devices, and sleeping in a bed.


Mildred said...

I can't wait to see Cory's photographs! I'm sure they'll be amazing!

Grandi said...

That looks really awesome! Such a wonderful trip! I KNOW Cate is enjoying all the bathrooms and people, no doubt people will mention her when talking of their trip. I have never seen anything like the picture, that is cool.

Emileigh said...

Cate cracks me up! I'm so not that way, but that's why I love her. She's different from me.