Friday, July 13, 2012

Day 3: On the road again!

After a stop, and little too much fun at REI, we were on the road again. I love the views in Colorado, but honestly Colorado Springs makes me feel a little claustrophobic. I can’t SEE where we’re going with all the twists and turns and ups and downs. The streets are narrow, and it all feels crowded. Denver and the other northern cities feel a little more spread out (and yes, flat!), and I actually found that refreshing. Still close to the mountains, still the gorgeous landscapes, but with a little more visibility. I seem to really like the northern parts of states: New Mexico, Colorado, California…but I digress.
We stopped for lunch at Ft. Collins, and walked around the CSU campus area. There was a huge flower garden on display. 
Cate found the groundskeeper and told him she liked his flowers. Then a great adventure began. We searched for and eventually found a baby dragon! He apparently was yellow, liked eating purple flowers best, and was joining us for the rest of our trip. Suddenly, we were all dragons!  Daddy dragon, Mommy dragon, Little dragon, and Baby dragon. Quite a little family. According to Cate, Baby dragon was locked in a stinky tower until we got there and saved him. Also, dragons like to drink sweet tea, and we had to buy 4 cookies at the convenient store- Cate said she’d make sure Baby dragon got his.
We drove through Cheyenne, WY, and into Casper (WY’s second largest city). I had never been to this state before, but it is beautiful. Wide open spaces, rolling hills, often not another car in sight.  We didn’t plan much time for our stay in Casper because it seemed rather small without much to do. We are loving the campground though- with a playground, indoor pool, and mini-golf course, it is a Cate-paradise! The mountains in the horizon are lovely, and there aren’t too many city lights spoiling the horizon. 


Grandi said...

Well, I haved really enjoyed this! I know you are so inspired in your "author's heart"! I can visualize this beautiful places. These are way better than even Cate's adventure stories, she has become part of her on adventure!

Emileigh said...

I can understand the need for flatness. Even heading down to Dallas, I felt a little claustrophobic going through the canyon, hills, and trees.

Cate has such a great imagination!!! I love all the dragons!!!