Sunday, November 20, 2011


I know I blog fairly often about Cate's sassiness. And don't get me wrong; she's got plenty of that. But maybe I focus a little too much on that because those moments make the best stories or get the most laughs. She's growing so fast, and she's starting to pay attention to what kinds of stories I tell about her. Her little ears perk up when she hears her name in a conversation. So I'm making more of an effort to note the sweet things she does. And let me tell you, there are plenty of them.

We had the most amazing morning last weekend. One of her new favorite games is playing with her kitchen dishes. She sets up her little table with the cups and plates and serves coffee to Cory and me. She adds the coffee, then the cream, and then warns us that it's hot before we drink it.

That seems like a pretty normal game, since we are both pretty heavy coffee drinkers (especially since I'm in the middle of novel-writing). I also love the not-so-normal part of the game where all of a sudden cookie monster (who she thinks is just a tad on the scary side) is found swimming in our cups and we have to run to the trash can to dump him out. Or this week, it was mini versions Dani, Eric, Jake, and Seany who were trapped in our cups, and I had to let them go so they could run off down the table.

So that morning, we played the coffee game, and we danced around the kitchen to some of my girly music. Then she decided she needed to wear her pink skirt to dance in. After we got it on, she said, "Pretty! I wanna show my daddy." I just thought that was the sweetest thing, how it's so innate for them to want to impress their daddies at this young age.

-Other sweet moments have happened during the week with little E here. E is pretty sensitive to loud noises. We went to Jump N' Jungle last week, and there was this little gang of very active and very loud 3 or 4 year olds. They kept running by and screaming, which would leave E in tears. Cate went over to him and rubbed his hair, saying, "It's ok. It's just noise. Noise not scary." Then she kissed his hand!

-Later that same day, we put him down for a nap. She always tells him, "Night, nights!" and blows him kisses. That day, she also sang him her favorite song..."La, la, la, la, Elmo's song." So sweet!

-As you know, since we moved Cate to the toddler bed, we don't always have the easiest time getting her to sleep. She's done a lot better lately with staying in her bed initially, but she almost always comes to our bed around 4 in the morning to lay with us. On one such occasion, she climbed in bed with us, and we tried to settle ourselves around her. A few minutes later, I hear her giggling. She was saying, "Paci's, mama. Paci's!" I tried to shush her, but Cory whispered that she was dreaming. I rolled over just in time to see her smiling in her sleep, dreaming about pacifiers.

-This last thing I'm labeling as "sweet" mostly because it benefits me. Let me add as a disclaimer that I do not nag when it comes to the toilet seat. So she did not learn this from me. This happened completely on her own...When Cory leaves the toilet seat up, she goes and points to it. She says, "Oh no! Don't do that, Daddy." He is quick to apologize, but she has to belabor the point by saying. "Don't DO that!" again. Once she even added, "Cate fall in!" I love it!
Here are a couple more random sweet pictures that her daddy took. You might have seen them on facebook, but I thought these edited versions were swoon-worthy!


Jason and Abby said...

she is so sweet. i just love her! and, it seems like she is ready for a little brother or sister. ;)

Anonymous said...

Sweeter than little tiny doughnuts

Memzie said...

What a sweet and adorable post, Jessica! I smiled and laughed through the whole thing.

I do have to say she was very sweet to save me a cupcake the other day and the little dirt on it when she dropped it made it even more special to me.

bj said...

Oh boy...I do believe she might be a model someday...she is so beautiful.

Loved this sweet post about your sweet girl...I have to tell you that I steal photos of her a lot..hope it's ok for a great-grandmother to do. :))
She is the star on my Pink Sat. post tomorrow.

Ya'll come see me when you can....
♥ Memaw...