Wednesday, November 16, 2011

NaNo Week 2

My second week of novel-writing was a week of ups and downs. I was behind, but kept some momentum going. I'm quickly learning that the weekends are my downfall. On Friday I didn't write a single word because it felt like I hadn't been able to hang out with my husband all week. Everyone said the excitement would wear off in week two, but that wasn't really true for me. At the end of the first week, the novel had taken a pretty drastic turn, so I was excited to keep going to see where it would lead me. Finally, yesterday on the 15th of November, I reached the halfway point- 25,000 words. I was finally caught up.
Let me pause here to say, that the most amazing thing happened this week, and I think it is the main reason that the excitement hadn't worn off. Emileigh, my writing buddy extraordinaire, and I decided to start doing 30-minute word sprints. We set the timer on the oven in my kitchen, and pounded away at our keyboards trying to see who could get the most words in the alotted time. It was such a rush! I think we're kind of addicted, because we still try to race by texting each other even when we're not writing in the same room together. My most productive half-hour produced 995 words. I had no idea that I had it in me to write practically 1000 words in 30 minutes! It made the huge gap in where was and where I was supposed to be seem a lot smaller. Plus, some very interesting things came out of that frantic writing. It's like you don't have time to think, so weird stuff just starts exploding onto the page.
And so we began week three. After my celebration at having successfully reached the halfway point on time, I went into shut down mode today. I didn't want to look at my novel. I didn't want to think about it. I was (am) tired from staying up too late, and creatively drained. Luckily, Emileigh and I had our weekly Starbucks writing date, and she had a vanilla latte and pound cake waiting for me when I arrived. We avoided our novels (sort of) for an hour and a half while we chatted. We talked a lot about our storylines, so I think it was productive. And it was an absolute necessary recharging moment for me. I squeezed in 700 more words before calling it a night.
So, now I am behind once again (Oh sweet victory, your spoils last only a short while!), and starting to feel a little burnt out. I'll keep hammering away at it, though. I'm in too deep to give up now. And when times get rough, I have Emileigh to race me back into word-count bliss.

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Grandi said...

So proud of you, that is good progress. Sounds like you have found a really good idea having a writing buddy, good motivation!