Monday, November 07, 2011

NaNo Week 1 Recap

Today on my seventh consecutive noveling day, I should have at least 11,669 words. Drumroll, really....beat on the table or something....try not to spit on your neighbor....can you see that I'm stalling?.....10,518 words.
It took all of three days for me to get behind. I have made up some serious ground the last two days (my two-day total reaching roughly 4,800 words), and I'm hitting my stride once again.

Some things have surprised me about the process. I have had to accept the fact that it's getting really messy. When I'm under a word count crunch, I don't have time to go back and change things that no longer fit with the story as it evolves. In fact, from what I hear from experienced writers, doing so is a story killer. And now I can see why: letting your inner editor critique what you've already written is an instant creativity crusher. I go from free, sword-wielding, head-scarf-wearing, gypsy Jessica to severe, serious, black-pumps-and-business-suit wearing Jessica. And no one can create whimsical stories in a business suit. So every word stays, whether it needs to be there or not.
As a result I have three different font colors all with different significances, have demoted a main character to a minor one, and promoted a minor character to heroine. I have two different settings at the moment, that may or may not converge. I have written in first person perspective from two, no three! different characters, and then switched to third person because I wanted to tell the story differently. It's complete madness over here.
And I like it.
I'm becoming that person who gets cranky when they haven't written all day.
And I like it.
Week two, prepare to be squashed. You will yield to my crafting prowess and beg for mercy.


Grandi said...

Love it! Go go go

Memzie said...

Awesomeness! I love the messiness! Way to catch up! That is awe-inspiring!