Wednesday, October 05, 2011


This was so true for me this morning. I've struggled with fitness lately. My overall activity level is just lower staying at home than it was teaching. When I was teaching, I never sat down, I sometimes jogged down the hall to catch kids or make copies, and I bustled around the classroom constantly. Staying home with two toddlers doesn't require quite so much bustling (most days).

So I've been gaining a bit of weight and feeling mopey about it. I don't think it would bother me so much if my clothes would fit, but I'm getting tired of only being able to fit into t-shirts.

I've tried some different things to get myself moving. I love to run in the morning- first thing, before anyone else is up, before coffee and breakfast. Unfortunately, I found it very difficult to set my alarm for 5 am or earlier and actually get up to run. At that early hour, I am not completely rational, and I can talk myself out of almost anything. I did it for a couple of weeks, but when Cate wasn't sleeping well I could always talk myself out of it. Then she started waking up as soon as I did no matter how quiet I was. So then I'd be frustrated that A) I didn't get my run in and B) I was up way too early with an active toddler on my hands.

Then I was introduced to Moms on the Move, a completely free stroller fit class. I have to say that I was a little skeptical. I mean, all those women singing silly songs while they do lunges at the park together- it looked pretty goofy. I gave it a shot, though, and I loved it. I'm not one of those people who ever enjoys working out. I do it because I know I need to, but I never get addicted. I never really want to. But I actually looked forward to going to stroller fit. There were different instructors, different parks, and different workouts nearly every time. It definitely met my need for variety. Plus, knowing other people were there to do it with me kept me accountable. And if that weren't enough, keeping the kids entertained kept my mind of the exercise, and it went by so fast. This class was so not for sissies, either. Those moms could kick some butt! We worked out for an hour, and I would always walk away sweaty, tired, and usually sore for a day or so. It was awesome.
But there was one problem. Poor E, he hated the whole business. He did not want to be sitting still in the stroller, and he cried and cried. I tried bribing with snacks (even candy!) and taking his favorite toys along. I tried talking and rocking the stroller. Nothing worked. Cate had a big time. She liked ordering me around and watching the other moms, but E was not going for it. So the stroller class is a no-go for now, at least for awhile. When they move indoors I may give it another shot or when E gets a little older. I just can't have him crying like that.
So today I tried something new. I downloaded the Couch to 5k app on my phone, and set out with the double running stroller. We went to the park and made several laps, and the kids were great! They enjoyed hearing my phone ding, indicating it was time to run, and then they'd both yell, "Run! Run!" Awesome motivation. When it was time to walk, we'd talk about the trees or birds or trucks and I'd dole out the snacks. It worked really well, and it ended up being a pretty challenging workout since I was pushing a good 65 pounds of kid-flesh plus another 25 pound stroller. Perhaps I have found a sustainable mommy workout routine. (crossing fingers)
Plus, when we were all done, I pulled the kids out to let them play at the playground. Cate looked up at me and said, "Good job running, Mommy."
I melted.

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Grandi said...

YOU ARE AWESOME! What a wonderful idea, you never give up! So glad good Cate is back today. Rod and I were just feeling bad for you both a few minutes ago. Cate loves her Momma! Kuddos for your fitness, so important and hard to fit in!

charice ford said...

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Memzie said...

Way to go, Jessica! Way to step out of your comfort zone. That is SO inspiring!

I loved that the kids cheered you on! That is really cool.