Thursday, October 27, 2011

rainy day lessons

-The kids will ask to go outside at least 100 times.
-Cate will ask why the sun is still sleeping.
-They will want to play with playdough and draw with markers. When you finally feel comfortable enough to look out the window for .3 seconds, they will stick them in their mouths.
-You will feel sorry for the dog and let him in. He will need to go back out to use the bathroom and then get muddy pawprints all over the floor.
-E will try to pull his nubby little tail, and try to point at him and order him to sit even though he is eye-level with him. Clive will refuse.
-Cate will chase him around and insist that he take his bone with him everywhere he goes. She will shriek when he licks her.
-The kids will get restless and start to bicker. Cate will get a spanking for spitting on her friend. (Ew.)
-She will have to go to time out so much that E will start randomly running to the fireplace (time out spot) yelling "No! Time out!"
-This will irritate Cate so much that she'll push him down.
-They will want hot lunches and then hold on to your leg and whine the whole time you fix it.
-They will ask for ice cream (even though its 40 degrees outside) and you will acquiesce just to give them something to do.
-Their sheer joy at eating ice cream will warm your heart.
-They will try to feed the ice cream to the dog.
-The house will get relentlessly, ourtrageously messy.
-They will wrap themselves in cozy blankets in their beds and take naps without a fight.
-Instead of cleaning the outrageously messy house, you will curl up on the couch next to the snoring dog and write.
-You will feel so incredibly, undeservingly, jubilantly peaceful.


bj said...

I love reading your thoughts and your random day....:)

Memzie said...

Sounds wonderful! I love how the whole day is described.

Grandi said...

Great post! Should be writing it to send in to Parents Mag.!