Thursday, October 06, 2011

corn maze

The McEwens invited us along on a trip to the corn maze last weekend. It was a lovely fall morning and a charming pastoral setting, so it was only appropriate that Sam and Cate spent the entire morning running around hand in hand like this: They looked at the farm animals together, and fed the pigs pretzels when their parents weren't looking.
They made their way through the mini maze...

and did a pretty good job of keeping us straight in the big maze. (Although we did have to keep them corralled- they would have just wandered off without us if we'd let them.)

And here's sweet Emmalee, just taking it all in.Love these sweet kiddos, and their parents too!


Grandi said...

Such a wonderful Day! The first picture could be from a movie,awesome!

bj said...

Perfect the photos.
She is growing so fast and...I don't even know her.
Glad ya'll had a fun day. :))
See ya Sat. night at your mama's...

Memzie said...

Sweet and wonderful day!!!

I love how Cate and Sam held hands. So cute!!!