Friday, August 12, 2011

she doesn't ask for much

{in the car}
Cate: Moon is up!
Me: Yes, the moon is up. (If you don't repeat what she says back to her, she'll keep saying it over and over and over and over.)
Cate: I have it?
Me: (silence)
Cate: Peeeese?
Me: (stumped)
Cory: Yes, Cate you can have it. But we have to leave it up there in the sky. Is that ok?
Cate: Uh huh.

Nice one, Dad.


bj said...

ahhh, daddies are good as this sort of thing. :))

Jess, I am trying to figure out how to get my blog over on Facebook. Is it hard to do?
Also, I don't know how to put one of those little LIKE ME at the top of my FB and also on my Blog.
I am so ignorant....

Memzie said...

Great job, Cory! And, what a cute snippet of conversation!

Grandi said...

Quick thinking Cory. Be careful, next you will have to promise her the stars.