Thursday, August 04, 2011

let's talk about mexico

July was a month that I'd be fine with forgetting, save our family trip to Mexico. We stayed for a week, which was most certainly not long enough. The random beach shots were a little scarce this year because Cory was concentrating on wedding photos. These few were from my little camera.

This was Cate's second trip to Playa, and I think all in all, it was a little tougher traveling with a two-year-old rather than a one-year-old. She was a little harder to keep entertained, and she could open all the doors in the condo, which kept everyone on their toes. She was wonderful on the actual traveling days, when we went from car to plane to airport shuttle to plane and back to car. Her favorite part might have been chewing gum on the plane during take-off. She keeps asking to go back on an airplane, and I think it's mostly for the gum.

I have to say, though, that being the only ones with a small child on a huge family trip kind of stinks. We're up at 6:30 am everyday and by the time everyone else is finally making their way to the beach, we're heading up for a nap. I was wishing that Cody and Laura were there with August, because they'd probably be on the same schedule as us. Now that my brother's married, and Haley and Buck are engaged, I say it's time for everyone else to do their part. Start having babies!

Check back tomorrow for some wedding pics!

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