Sunday, May 22, 2011

she'd take colorado if...

Photo credit: pikespeaktv dot com

Looking at pictures like the one above, my chest starts to constrict a little. Couldn't you just sit on that little land peninsula forever? Couldn't you just stare at Pikes Peak and walk along the edge of the water and hike through the hills? I know I could, but I try to tell myself that even if we could move to Colorado Springs, it wouldn't be like that everyday. We'd still have to have jobs and cars. We'd still have to go to the grocery store and pay bills.

Many are asking for details as to why the Colorado trip fell through, and the truth is that it's just not working out. The short version is this: We love the mountains. We love all the outdoor activities: the hiking, biking, and skiing (well, I love skiing). And everyday the wind here blows 40 mph and dirt fills the sky, it blows a little of my soul closer to Colorado. But our family is here. And when I say family, I do mean our blood relatives, but I also mean the people in our lives who have become like family. I know if we moved, we all would miss them desperately.

So that's sort of the emotional side of the story. Here's the practical side: We were planning this trip to Colorado Springs to check it out and see if we wanted to move there. The only weekend we could go was this weekend, and we were going to take a couple of days off work so we could drive it and Cate could go with us. As the week wore on, our house went under contract after being on the market for only 9 days. There were lots of things we had to get done because of that. Then we had some car trouble, and Cory's car is still in the shop. And both of us were in complete stress-mode because we were missing work on the last week of school when we both needed to be packing up our classrooms...since both of us are leaving our schools.

So like I said, it just didn't work out.

I'd love to hear anyone's thoughts about it. Right now, it mostly feels like a relief that it didn't happen. One less thing on our plate. But I know it'll come back around when the wind is blowing, and I want to go trekking up a mountain and get miles away from the noise and the concrete.

So which is more important, the people or the place?


Anonymous said...

Summer cabin? That way you could go there a lot and still live here! Or an RV would work. Ashlee

Sarai said...

This is such a hard question!! This year is Jared's last year of residency, so at this time next year we will be selling our house and figuring out where to move. Stay here with the friends we've made? Move closer to family for their support and so that our children can have close relationships with their grandparent and aunts? Go on an adventure and move somewhere like Oregon or Colorado? So much to consider....sigh....

Good luck with the move!