Wednesday, February 02, 2011

22 months

At her Christmas party eating a snowman: Cowgirl boots from Uncle Bubba:
My lil snow bunny:

Cate is 22 months now, and learns new words everyday. It's been awhile since I've done a Cate update, so I wanted to document some of the cute things she does so I won't forget them.
  • She has learned how to say please (peas) and thank you (do do). When she says please, she cocks her head to one side. If she's really excited, she'll do the "please dance" where she moves her head from side to side while saying, "peas, peas, peas."
  • She thinks "I love you" means bye.
  • She has two favorite babies named Dave and Baby.
  • She can name all of her aunts now. Previously, she called them all "B." Now she calls Bailey "B," Andrea "Aunt A," and Lacey "SiSi." She asks for them daily.
  • She has made a friend at daycare called Camie. She calles her Mamie. When we pull into the parking lot she starts saying, "Mamie, Mamie!" Today when I picked her up, Camie was sitting inside one of the toy cubbies, and Cate was poking her cheeks and saying, "Cheeks, cheeks," while Camie giggled. They were so cute! Cate's teacher says that at naptime, Cate will always go and get Camie's pacifier and put it on her nap mat for her. She loves Mamie!
  • She still loves to have skin-to-skin contact even though she's not big on cuddling these days. She likes to stick her bare belly on our bare bellies or backs. It's kind of cute, but a little unnerving when there's company over.
  • Her new favorite game is hide-and-seek.
  • One evening, Cate took a ball that we were playing with and hid it behind her back. She looked at Dad and gave him the "I don't know" sign as if to say, "Where'd it go?" Dad played along and started looking around for it. She thought it was hilarious. She kept telling him places to go look. She'd say "house" meaning her playhouse. When he left to go look there, she pulled the ball out to show me and we laughed together. Then she'd hide it again before he returned. She told him 3 or 4 places to look before she let him in on the "trick."
My little girl is growing so fast and learning so much!