Tuesday, August 10, 2010

daddy time

Cory says he has very little experience with tea parties, but he's Cate's favorite partner for some pretend tea and mini-cakes. She'll even mimic the drinking sound when she puts the little cup to her mouth.

Cate is 16 months old this week, and is seeming more like a little girl than a baby. We're in full-fledged toddler mode. She has done so well at daycare, and she gets excited when we walk in the door. It seems like she really enjoys getting to be around the other kids. Her vocabulary has expanded some, and now includes: ball, go, bye, done, hot (she said it once), and the ever-present dog and na na.

She loves to swing and she can now go down the slide at the park. She is very interested in music, and has taken to head-bobbing and shaking her "rock fist." She seems exceptionally fond of the music her aunts expose her to, especially when they sing and tell her to shake her booty. Recently she enjoys spending time with her aunts and grandma so much that she cries when she has to come home to mom and dad.

Her new trick is to walk backwards. Instead of turning around, she'll usually just go in reverse, especially if we tell her to "back it up." She is learning some body parts, and can point out her belly and nose. We're trying to teach her ears next, so she can tell us when she has an earache!


Memzie said...

I saw her go in reverse Sunday. It was so cute!

Thank you for inviting us over to your house and eat lunch with you. I really enjoyed our time together.

Kimberly-mytoesareclaustrophobic said...

Oh my goodness, she really is in toddler-mode! The pictures are precious. I miss her so much right now I feel like I will explode!

bj said...

She is growing so fast...and the sun has made her hair even more golden.

Grandi said...

These are priceless! So sweet. She has learned so much. We really miss her.

Barb said...

What a Daddy! SO cute!