Thursday, July 29, 2010

lake travis: part 1

The condo on Lake Travis had a pool and and a hot tub, and Cate would always go swimming just after sunrise before everyone was awake.
Where'd Grandma go?

We will be so excited when she doesn't have to wear such a bulky life jacket. She's a good sport about it up to a point, and then she's done. A constant stream of pretzels and grapes kept her happy on the boat. Then when we stopped to swim, she prefered to dangle off Grandma's legs and be dipped in the water.

Friday, July 16, 2010

long line of beach bums

If there was ever any doubt, we now know for sure: Cate is my child. She loved the beach! I love this picture, because it so accurately captures the spirit of the trip. Cate is running toward the water, and I'm trying my darnedest to keep up with her. She squealed with delight in the waves. She didn't even mind getting the salt water in her face. She isn't the least bit scared of the water.

In the mornings, we'd go to the pool first, but she'd always start pointing to the ocean soon after we got there. She couldn't wait to get into the sand!

This is her super model pose.
We had a great time at Playa. It was even better than I had hoped because she was excellent on the plane. She slept all night while were were there and would spend 3-4 hours napping during the day because she was so worn out from playing in the water. It was a fantastic vacation!