Tuesday, June 29, 2010

first haircut

Cate got her first haircut last week. She was so great; she LOVED being pampered. It helped that the salon was pretty slow that day, so everyone was watching her. She was eating up all of the attention.

She liked sitting right in front of the mirror so she could look at herself up close.

Then she got a little too excited by her own reflection and leaned too far forward. She smacked her forhead on the mirror! It was the only time she cried. But I had to post this one because she's got that big pitiful bottom lip sticking out
She even let him blow dry and style her hair! She was the ideal little customer!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Writing Update

Ok, so every summer I delcare that it's the "Finish the Novel or Bust!" summer, and this season is no exception. I've been consistently writing since school let out, but it is such a slow process! I'm up to 60 single-spaced pages which, at this moment, equals 29, 131 words. I think I'm just over half-way done and I have the rest of the novel planned out. It's just a matter of getting it on paper.

I'm struggling a bit with creating interesting scenes around the dialogue. I recently read a book that had a very interesting concept and some decent dialogue, but the characters were always driving somewhere and talking, or sitting somewhere and talking, or eating and talking, or playing frisbee and talking. It was boring! I know you want to strike a cord with real life circumstances, but no one wants to read about the tedium of someone else's life.

In addition, I have some limited time slots for my writing (i.e. during Cate's naptimes). So it's hard to get a chunk of time carved out to devote exclusively to the novel. I always have to sit and stare at the screen for at least 30 minutes before anything starts flowing. And I'm sometimes frustrated because I don't have those 30 minutes to waste!

Ok, I just thought I'd share my progress and frustrations. My friend, Memzie has been awfully inspiring with her progress in the 30,000 words in 30 days campaign. Keep it up, Em!

summer fun

We're practicing for our upcoming trip to Mexico. Cate has been loving the water. She's just a little fish: kicking, splashing, putting her face in.

This morning we fed the ducks at the park. (Well, I fed the ducks. Whenever I gave Cate a piece of bread, she'd hold it out to the ducks and then jerk it back and stuff it in her own mouth at the last second. She's a tease.)

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

the adventures of catherine the great

It was just about time for a morning nap, and Catherine and her mama were rocking in a very comfy chair and reading a very interesting book. Just as Catherine began to doze off she heard "Arf! Arf! Arf!" right outside her bedroom window.
She sat up as straight as a fence post and harkened her ears toward the window.
"My friend Clive sounds like he's in distress," Catherine thought to herself. She pointed to the window, signaling to her mama that she thought they should check it out. When they got outside, they realized that Clive was not alone in the backyard!

"Rawr, Rawr, intruder! Arf, arf," Clive barked. The turtle looked terrified and scrambled alongside the porch. At first, sweet Catherine was frightened by all of the racket. She wrung her hands, wondering what she could do to ease the tension between the two friendly creatures.Catherine is such a brave and clever little girl; it didn't take her long to think of a solution.
"I know, Mom! Let's put the turtle in the box and set him free in the front yard. That way Clive can relax in peace...and so can I!"
The turtle seemed a little anxious at being put into such a small space. He was used to the wide open air. Catherine offered him some of Clive's water to calm his nerves, but he wasn't interested.

The turtle was wiley and courageous. He didn't shrink into his shell like most turtles would. No, he scrambled around, looking for a means of escape. He nearly scaled the walls of the box!
Finally, the turtle and the girl made it to the wide open expanse of the front yard. "You're free, Mr. Turtle, free!" Catherine called.

"Goodbye, turtle friend. Have a safe journey home," Catherine waved. She smiled as Clive barked his thanks from behind the backyard fence. Her work complete, she plodded away, ready for the next grand adventure waiting just around the corner.

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

home with my baby!

It's summer!! Hooray! I'm so happy to be home and to have some family time. We have some trips in the works, but my three main goals for the summer are:
1) Hang out with Cate
2) Continue working out
3) Write!!
Cate started a new daycare today and she's going 2 days a week. I can spend some time there with her to help her get adjusted, and then I can have a few more hours to devote to my goals. I think it's a good plan. I hope it's a good plan.

Here are some random shots of my little one (a toddler now!) First, she uses her old car seat as a recliner. She'll point to it so we set in on the ground. Then she wants her bottle and she leans back and relaxes. Just in case her arms get tired, she can throw those feet up there too! Spaghetti! Of course her favorite food is the messiest! But she's always been a pasta baby...even in utero.

She ALWAYS wants to be outside. When she's inside the house she's either looking for someone to take her outside, or she's watching the "gog."

In the stroller...

Or in the wagon...

Let's see...new and recent developments include blowing kisses, walking full-time even with shoes, unlatching the child safety locks by herself (yikes!), pushing the boundaries by throwing food and eating dirt (she knows she's not supposed to!), sleeping through the night (HALLELUJAH!), and speaking German. (Ok, so that's stretching it a little, but sometimes she babbles in a German accent. Seriously.)