Saturday, May 15, 2010

dirt road

I think it’s time to take a drive,
man it’s been too long
and you know it sounds so sweet.
Cuz when the gravel hits the tires
it’ll right the wrongs
of too much city, and too much concrete.

Take me to an old stock tank,
or the Devil’s river bank,
that fishing hole that stirs my memories.
Take me to a cold deer stand
or shooting guns at old beer cans.
You won’t find street signs where I wanna be.
I wouldn’t give a nickel to have it paved in gold.
Everything I love is at the end of a dirt road.
by: Josh Abbot Band

one-girl band

I apologize in advance; this video is really not very good. I took it, realized it was too dark, and then immediately took a longer, brighter version. However, the better one is apparently way too large to post here and in some strange format that is not recognized by lots of places.

So alas, we are left with this one, taken inside our living room cave.

Yes, she is playing the drum and the baby piano and singing. Yes, she is awesome.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

ups and downs

Alright guys, I'm going to level with you. Being a parent is wonderful, it changes your life for the better, you wouldn't trade it for the world and blah, blah, blah. All of that is true. But I'm not going to lie; we had a couple of months there that felt like they would never end. Cate cried...all the time. In her defense, she was sick constantly. I am not exaggerating when I say that we were in the doctor's office every week. Ear infections, allergies, vomiting. It was non-stop. We ran on very little sleep until we could no longer function, and then the grandparents would take over.
I'm telling you, there were days when I would work all day and be exhausted sitting at my desk and not want to come home because I knew she was just going to scream at me. And I felt guilty for thinking such a thing. I felt like I was in over my head, like I was failing at being a mom.
I just wanted to say all of that because no one ever writes about how sometimes it's all you can do to just get through another day. Blogs, magazine articles, books...they all say how wonderful it is to be a parent. So when it's not going like that for us, we feel guilty. Like something is wrong with us because we aren't giddy with joy whenever our daughter smears a fistful of pureed squash in our hair.
Being a parent is stinkin' HARD, and anyone who tells you different is lying to your face. But the storms pass...the squash washes out, we find a perfect combination of allergy and acid reflux medicine, switch to soy milk and voila! We live to see another day.

Things are better now. They have been for a few weeks, thank the Lord. She's even teething right now, and it isn't half as bad as what we were going through last month. She's happy; joyful even. She is just exploding with new skills. She's walking more and more, saying a few words (gog! for dog), and communicating through hand-signals. She loves being at home with Grandi and Mimi during the week. Jennifer, Paula, Mom, and David all kept her some last week, and she had fun with each of them. It truly does take a village to raise this child! I am so thankful for everyone around us who rush to our aid before we even ask.
This is what her daddy calls a "code 6." It means "I want YOU to pick me up."

Right now she uses everything as a phone. She'll put it up to her ear and entertain us with a series of ahs and uhs. Grandi indulges her by letting her call her Opa on the phone sometimes and talk with him. She thinks that's pretty funny.

She bops to any music, even the rap music that plays as the people drive by with their windows
rolled down. Here she is dancing with a cracker. "I've got a cracker, I've got a cracker,
I've got a cracker, hey hey hey hey."