Tuesday, April 13, 2010

birthday madness

Everything was lovely: the beach themed decorations, the red velvet cake, the gifts, the guests. Case in point, check out the beautiful banner made by Cory's cousin, Amanda.
Cate, however, did not have much of a nap, so she was a little bit cranky. She wasn't very interested in cake or presents. She did look awfully cute, though, in her 2 birthday outfits and matching hat.

Much to her mother's chagrin, Cate doesn't usually tolerate being read to. It usually takes about 5 seconds before she slams the book shut and throws it on the ground. So you can imagine my delight that Dad caught this picture of her engrossed in one of her new books.

Heh heh. I love this picture. Mimi, you don't know this, but you're about to be covered in vomit. It's true, the poor thing threw up at her own birthday party.

And really, there's only one thing that can get a mom (and grandmom) through a night like that...wine, wine wine!
Since she didn't really "dig in" to her cake like we'd hoped, I also wanted to post these pics from her actual birthday. We celebrated with her favorite food (mac and cheese) and cupcakes.

Here, Mommy, have some.



Memzie said...

Awe! How sweet! Happy Birthday! She is growing into such a beautiful little girl!

Memzie said...

Hey, just want to let you know I tagged you for an award!