Tuesday, April 13, 2010

birthday madness

Everything was lovely: the beach themed decorations, the red velvet cake, the gifts, the guests. Case in point, check out the beautiful banner made by Cory's cousin, Amanda.
Cate, however, did not have much of a nap, so she was a little bit cranky. She wasn't very interested in cake or presents. She did look awfully cute, though, in her 2 birthday outfits and matching hat.

Much to her mother's chagrin, Cate doesn't usually tolerate being read to. It usually takes about 5 seconds before she slams the book shut and throws it on the ground. So you can imagine my delight that Dad caught this picture of her engrossed in one of her new books.

Heh heh. I love this picture. Mimi, you don't know this, but you're about to be covered in vomit. It's true, the poor thing threw up at her own birthday party.

And really, there's only one thing that can get a mom (and grandmom) through a night like that...wine, wine wine!
Since she didn't really "dig in" to her cake like we'd hoped, I also wanted to post these pics from her actual birthday. We celebrated with her favorite food (mac and cheese) and cupcakes.

Here, Mommy, have some.


Thursday, April 08, 2010

catherine evonne: a love story

Six a.m. on Tuesday morning I got up to take a shower before work. As I walked into the bathroom a stream of water trickled to the floor. I had a suspicion of what was happening, but honestly if my water had broken, I was expecting more of a gush. I had heard of some women's waters breaking in the middle of the night so I went back to the bedroom to check the sheets. Cory was still mostly asleep. As I ran my hands across the completely dry bedding, he asked me if I was looking for my cell phone. I shook my head at his sleep-talking, simply responded in the negative, and went back to the bathroom. I was pretty sure my water had broken, but didn't want to needlessly freak out if that wasn't the case. I went ahead with my shower, deciding that if I was about to have a baby, I'd rather be clean while doing it.
When Cory's alarm went off, I explained to him the situation. He was definitely surprised- he eyes grew large and he kept a deer in the headlights look for most of the morning. But he was calm and business-like, continuing to pack all the things we had neglected to gather. (We were scheduled to induce in exactly one week, and Dr. Broome said it was unlikely she would come before then.)
I remember squeezing a stuffed bear to my chest on the way to the hospital and Cory was compulsively changing the radio station, wanting to find the perfect song to play on the day our daugher would be born. (Or so we thought.)
When we checked into the hospital, we found that my water had indeed broken, but I was not yet dialated. That should have been the first clue that we were in for a long day.

To make a long day into a short story, we sat in anticipation as contractions slooooowly built. Even though I wasn't in immense pain, my body was tiring out. Early afternoon, the nurse came in, said I was still a 4, and I cried. A few hours later, the epidural. About 11:00 p.m., time to start pushing. 12:00 too little progress, and at 12:24, surgery. I remember shaking with fever (and probably adrenaline).
They hooked me up to an oxygen mask and tied my arms down. Cory sat next to my head, his voice soothing me and calming the shakes. Finally, I heard my baby- Catherine Evonne or Eden Rebecca?- crying for the very first time. When they laid her next to me for only a short second, we leaned our heads close together, acknowledging each other's familiarity. Yes, you're the one, our spirits whispered to each other.

I just kept thinking Look what we made. We- the three of us- with God doing most of the heavy lifting.
It was close to two in the morning when they wheeled me to the nursery to hold her for the first time. My family crowded around us- we huddled together in the hallway- and greeted our newest member. A moment of absolute perfection.

Catherine Evonne, you amaze me. You make me love and care and worry and laugh in a way I never knew to imagine. You surprise me, challenge me, and delight me every single day. Growing up surrounded by so many people who love you, you may begin to think you're the center of the universe.
And you're right.

Happy birthday, sweetheart.