Sunday, March 07, 2010

11 months

Gosh, it's hard to believe that she's already 11 months old. We are celebrating the arrival of a new friend, Elisha Irwin, and as we visited Garrett and Lori in the hospital I couldn't help but reminisce. I'll save all the memories for next month's post, but I'll just say that this has been the most dramatic year of my life. In a good way.
Now, on to the princess herself (or the drama queen, as the daycare calls her). She has learned that she can make quite a racket with the cabinet doors, and she creates impromptu beats and dances with them.

She got this balloon for Valentine's Day from Grandi and Opa, and she loved it so much! She played with it until it just collapsed into a sticky, slobbery, worn-out pile of goo. She wanted to hug it...
and kiss it!

She has enough hair now that it is sometimes messy when she wakes up from a nap.

And, of course, she is still the picture of absolute cuteness. For further proof of that, pictures of her fish face on Daddy's blog are hysterical!

And the new drama of the month: teething! Wish us luck with that one. :)


Memzie said...

She is so adorable! That last picture really shows that she is quite a character.
I can't believe that she is eleven months already!
She is beautiful, Jessica.

Seeker said...

Jessice, Cate is soooo beautiful. I love reading your blog, since you're about 6 months ahead of me, I get to see what I have to look forward to!! :)