Sunday, February 28, 2010


This weekend we spent some much-needed time cheering on our favorite basketball star. The Lady Cats played in the Regional Championship, which is the farthest our school has ever been in the playoffs. Here she is: the beautiful, the talented, the fabulous Lacey!


Doesn't my mom look gorgeous in this one...even with the green antennae?

Andrea & Bailey and friends are part of the noisy jr. high section.

Cate tolerated a tiara.
Congrats, Lady Cats!


Memzie said...

Looks like a lot of fun!
Way to go Lady Cats! Congratulations!

Memzie said...

Yes, I am going to use that prompt. I think it would make a very catchy beginning. Just haven't gotten there yet. I always seem to have another idea for another novel.

Memzie said...

Ah! Your so sweet.

I have been thinking about the writing prompt for couple days now and haven't come up with anything, unfortunately.
Maybe something like, a friend of my got into something that would shed light into some conspiracy in the government. They have tried to kill him twice and on the third attempt he let them think that he was killed so that he could go into hiding. While he is in hiding, he tries to find a way to expose the truth and wants my help.
I don't know. Bourne keeps coming to my mind when I read this prompt. I am not sure why.