Sunday, February 28, 2010


This weekend we spent some much-needed time cheering on our favorite basketball star. The Lady Cats played in the Regional Championship, which is the farthest our school has ever been in the playoffs. Here she is: the beautiful, the talented, the fabulous Lacey!


Doesn't my mom look gorgeous in this one...even with the green antennae?

Andrea & Bailey and friends are part of the noisy jr. high section.

Cate tolerated a tiara.
Congrats, Lady Cats!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

10 months

Oh Catherine, my Catherine. It has been a month of highs and lows. We had two glorious weeks of a baby who slept through the night, loved to be able to move around, and was constantly happy and giggly. Then the all-too-familiar ear infection set in once again. She's currently recovering, but it takes soooo long to get back into our sleeping routine.
Cate can now crawl with alarming speed, and she pulls up on everything. She likes to "cruise" along the yellow couch because it's just the right height to help her walk. She will rarely eat actual baby food; she'd much rather have little pieces of whatever we're having. It's fun to watch her feed herself because she does it with such intensity. Like most people in my family, she's serious about her food. She is constantly babbling "da da" and "ma ma." We also think she may mean that she wants a bottle when she says "na na." She claps for herself and plays patty-cake.
She loves to take a bath (and much to her mother's dismay, she also enjoys drinking the bath water) but she hates putting on her pjs.

It's so much fun to have such an interactive baby! It just keeps getting better the more she learns and the more we can play together!

i like my sporting equipment made of chocolate

My friend Evan mentioned bakerella on her blog, and being in a cooking state of mind lately, I had to check it out. I made these delicious, though slightly blobish truffles for our Super Bowl party. I wasn't quite patient enough for the whole process; about half way through I gave up on piping the laces. Plus I think they would have been tastier dipped in white chocolate, which the recipe originally called for. But all in all, a nice little treat!