Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Just a few snapshots...

such an explorer

and those gorgeous eyes

Cate has been an absolute delight recently. She is full of joy and energy.
If I could freeze time, I'd set up camp here for awhile.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

9 months / christmas recap

Cate is nine months old, and she is officially mobile. This week, she finally started crawling, and she is so much happier. I think the past week she was really getting frustrated, and that's why she was fussy. She now has a range of motion in her repertoire: rolling, army crawling, hands and knees crawling, sitting up, and even an occasional pull-up to standing. Over Christmas break, she just exploded with showing everyone all the new things she could do. She started saying ma-ma every once in awhile and da-da all the time. She makes tongue-clicking noises, and she be-bops to the music of all her new toys.

It was wonderful being home with her for the 2 weeks of Christmas break. Some of my favorite parts of Christmas were:

*playing basketball with Cory and Jess. Clive tried to get in on the action, but after he dropped me to the ground, we had to eject him from the game.
*Grandi and Crabdaddy teaching Cate how to give a high-five
*Cate opening her first presents. She had such an intense and aggressive look on her face when she tore the tissue paper. "Feel my wrath, tissue paper!!"
*gift card exchange games
*playing Monopoly with my siblings on Christmas morning
*cooking- Dad taught me to make his famous spaghetti and meatballs. Then, on a girl's day the lovely ladies and I had the courage (and time!) to try our hands at homemade cinnamon rolls. They were yummy!
*The Sanford's New Year's party and Cate's first overnight visit to Grandma's. We got a little silly and stayed out way too late.
*Laughing and visiting with all of my peeps!

Pictures to come!! There are so many to sift through and upload, but I promise I'll post some soon.