Thursday, October 15, 2009

guilty pleasures edition

You know those days that are so hectic that you begin one task only to switch to another and then realize that you should have finished what you started in the first place, but before you get to it you find something else to do? They result in little storm clouds inside your head, like radio static in the folds of your brain. We've been having a lot of those lately. Just to illustrate my point, I'd like you to know that twice this week I have spilled an entire 16-ounce cup of water on the floor at school (with a room full of 10-year-olds who naturally cannot keep themselves from walking through it) and had nothing to clean it up with except for the paper towels that come from an automatic dispenser that expels 6 inches of paper at a time. Wave your hand in front of the sensor, six inches comes out, wait, wave your hand again, another 6 get the idea. It's frustrating.

It's at these moments that I think of my guilty pleasures, "and then I don't feeeel soooo baaaaad." The first one is Glee, the new show on Fox. It's fantastic- high school misfit drama meets perfectly cliched characters meets fun hip hop sing along musical. I cannot even think of the show without smiling. I look forward to it all week.

Next, if you've been around us lately, you've probably been annoyed by the Zombieland references. Usually it's just Cory plotting strategies for proper control of the undead, but I can't help but join in lately. It was the perfect role for Woody Harrelson, I would have loved about 10 more "Zombie Kill of the Week"s, and the celebrity cameo was both unexpected and delightful. It could have been the fact that we went with my brother and his gf to see it at the drive-in that added to the movie-induced euphoria, but I loved it all the same. Load up and go see it- just be sure to buckle up and check the back seat.

Then there's my guilty pleasure songs. Please do not judge my musical taste by these songs as I am embarassed by them. (Not that I have much musical taste anyway- I've been listening to the same 10 songs for like, 5 years now.) First up, "Toes" by Zac Brown Band: fun beach get-away song that immediately transports me to my happy place. Embarrassing factors include repeated mention of the word "ass" and a PBR reference.
Next, "All the Single Ladies" by Beyonce. It gets my hips shakin. I don't know why. I didn't think I liked it that much until I saw it on Glee, and then I couldn't get it out of my head for weeks. I can't believe I'm allowing the whole internet world to see this.
Finally, I am admitting that I find Taylor Swift adorable. Yes, her songs are silly teenagery love songs, but she writes them herself, and she's a teenager so it's ok! So, her "You Belong to Me" makes number 3 on my guilty pleasure song list.

Finally, I round out this post with my tasty treat indulgence, the Wavebender from Bahama Bucks. A 16 ounce coconut rum flavored smoothie topped with whipped cream and a cherry- it's heaven in a plastic cup. I think I could have lived off of Wavebenders and blocks of cheese when I was pregnant. Come to think of it, I think I could live off them now.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

six months

Catherine is now six months old! We ordered some of her birth pictures this week, and it was amazing to see how much she has grown. Now she's rolling all over the living room, and she's beginning to sit up by herself. She can stay balanced for 20-30 seconds before she tips over. She's getting the hang of eating; she especially loves green beans, squash, and bananas. She's always reaching for our cups, so I've been giving her sips of water or juice out of my cups.

This is a really fun age. She's so fun to play with because she laughs out loud at us, and she seems to enjoy interaction. Cory flies her around the room, and she loves it. A good game of horsie always improves her mood, and she's even fallen asleep a couple of times while he was bouncing her.
Happy half-birthday, baby!