Sunday, September 27, 2009

musical preference

So last night we were listening to Pandora while we were doing some things around the house. Then Cory started ordering some songs from Itunes while I was playing with Cate across the room. He had listened to several of the Guy Clark snippets before he bought the album, and Cate wasn't paying much attention. Then he moved over to Delbert McClinton's new album. When he clicked on "Mama's Little Baby" Cate wheeled her head completely around (just like a baby owl) and started giggling in the direction of the laptop. When he moved on to some other songs, she turned back and continued playing with me. We laughed and said that must be her favorite song. Then we played it again, and she giggled in the direction of the laptop again! It was fantastic.

So, it's official, Cate's first favorite song is "Mama's Little Baby" by Delbert McClinton. And while the title seems very appropriate, Cate, don't let me catch you shaking your booty all over town like the girl in the song.

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Memzie Latham said...

How cute! I love your humorous comment! It made me laugh quietly to myself (LQTM) ;D