Tuesday, September 15, 2009

the giant by n.c. wyeth

This painting is posted in the hallway of my school next to the art room. The first time I saw it, I was just walking by when it brought me to a complete stop. I don't know what it is: the wonderment of the children, the beauty of the sky, the fantasy of the giant, or the fact that it takes place at a beach, but I think this painting in just fabulous. It's been stuck in my head for weeks now, the way a catchy song sometimes gets. Just thought I'd pass it along, and share a little daydream with you.

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Peggy George said...

I am a teacher, licensed in both Iowa and Illinois, currently working as an online tutor and substitute,as well as operating a private music studio. In a class I'm taking for license renewal about teaching Common Core writing, this painting is on a list of several encouraging teachers to use it as inspiration for kids to write dialogue. Isn't that a wonderful idea? Imagine what those kids are saying to each other, as they observe this giant, in whatever form they think he really is. It's a great exercise for ANY writer!