Thursday, August 20, 2009

two milestones

Cate has started eating cereal. It is a very messy enterprise. Luckily, after she spits the cereal back at me, she usually also slurps it off her hands. And yesterday she rolled over! She's growing so fast!


Sandi said...

Yea Cate! I cant wait to see her do her stuff! Looks like she does like her cereal, and is enjoying spitting it out also, what fun!

bj said... told me she was fixing to start on cereal. How fun is this!!
All the photos are fabulous..Cory is really good at this.
I am so thrilled to get new PINKNESS photos...they will go right on my PINK SATURDAY posts !! Yea!!
Looks like she loves the lake, too.
We just got home from a weeks vacation in the mountains of Colorado...lots of fun.
Hope to see ya soon...I know you will be really busy now that school is starting.

Memzie Latham said...

What a sweet heart! She is growing up into such a beautiful child. Blessings!