Wednesday, July 01, 2009


I thought I'd try my hand at a little video. This is what Cate looks like when she's at her most active, all wiggly and cooing a bit.



Grandy said...

Oh, Jessica that's great! Thanks for posting that,we can actually watch her when we start to miss her. That looked like a fun day.

Diana Latham said...

So precious! She is looking healthy and happy. Glad that you guys are having such a fun summer.

Carleigh Latham said...

Very cute! She is so pretty just like her mom.

Memzie Latham said...

Awe!!!! She is soooo cute!!! She has grown up so much from the last time I saw her. She is getting a lot of personality and I love that outfit she is wearing. Does it come in my size? :D