Wednesday, July 29, 2009


There is so much going on right now! I am currently smack-dab in the middle of two research papers. Summer school for me will finish up a week from tomorrow, and hopefully after that I'll have time for a proper post. I just felt bad because I just did Catherine's 3 month post, and the next one will likely be her 4 month post. I can't believe how fast this second part of summer is flying by. Now that I think about it, school starts 2 weeks from today. Yikes! I think I'll be ready to start back. I'm more productive when I'm working. A little more super-girl and a little less slouchy-troll.
So, apologies to all of those who so faithfully check on me! Be back soon!


bj said...

Hang in there, darlin''re doing a fabulous job!!
Love you!!

Memzie Latham said...

Catherine has grown up so much! She is such a darling!
Can't wait to hear from you.

bj said...

Uhhhh....I haven't found any new photos of Mizz Cate on here and you KNOW she is the subject of a lot of my Pink Saturdays!! :O)
Did I tell you I used the ones of her in her hat? I laughed so hard and couldn't wait to post them. Not a single soul said a WORD about her looking up at the brim of her hat in both photos.!!!They just said how cute she was! Which was ok...I just thought she was funny looking at her hat. Oh, well...guess you had to be there!