Sunday, June 14, 2009


We made it to about 10:30 this morning before we called in reinforcements.
Let me explain. It all started yesterday when I was making my 53rd lap around the house bouncing a complaining Catherine from window to window. She didn't scream, just threated to, by constantly frowning and yelling hey! every couple of seconds. (She really does this.) She was just letting me know that if I so much as thought about sitting down she was going to really let loose.
So I was feeling rather unproductive because I had had hopes of working out...or doing homework...or writing on that novel that keeps edging further out of my grasp. I was pouty and grumpy as we loaded up to go to dinner (an intelligent ploy by the man of the house to give his ill-tempered ladies some change of scenery).
Cate was content in her car seat- just looking around and being rather quiet. Then she started spitting up. So at a stop sign, I shifted into the backseat and started cleaning her up. She was not bothered by being covered in vomit, in fact, she was ecstatic. When I got into her line of vision, she grinned and cooed. Her eyes got big and she opened her mouth into the biggest smile her tiny face can muster. She looked at me like I was the coolest thing she'd ever seen. (She looks at the ceiling fan with the same unbridled joy, but nevertheless...) It gave me the shove I needed to get over my moodiness.
So today it was Cory's turn. I vowed to get out and do something today. So I left Cate with her daddy and went jogging. I also insisted that he let me mow the lawn today...I was just so tired of being cooped up. But when I came back from the park, Cate was doing the same face-scrunching, half-holler thing to him and he had that crazy look in his eye. That she-won't-stop-screaming, why-does-she-hate-me, where's-the-tequila look. I knew it because I had it yesterday. So yeah, back to the reinforcements- we called grandma and granddad, who along with Cate's aunts, were all too happy to take over for a few hours.
Sometimes this whole mom-thing comes so naturally, everything falls into step. It's easy- this new life that is just a shadow of the one I used to have. It just makes sense that everything is about her. And then there are days like today. I feel a little bad, because it hasn't even been that long since we had a break. Cory and I got to go to dinner together last weekend in Austin. I'm not one of those martyr mothers who lament, "Gosh, I haven't had a moment to myself in...who knows...16 years." I guess since I still have a little selfishness left in me, it's a good thing there's such a huge amount of people just dying to spend a little time with Cate.
In our time away, we got a few things done around the house and caught a movie (Star Trek) that we've been wanting to see for awhile. It took all of about 5 seconds before we were missing her and thinking about going to get her.
One last thing- I want to post some pics we took a couple of days ago. Cate's such an outside baby- she loves to be going places and looking at the trees and lights. We were about to go out walking and exercising when we took these. She was intrigued by the brim of her hat.


Kim said...

A liitle girl has to feel much better once she is able to rid herself of that ole tummy ache!

jessica said...

That's true! She's had lots of tummy aches lately. I even gave up coffee because I thought it was making her gassy.
I think it's really saying something to give up coffee for the one who keeps you up all night.

bj said...

Any time I run out of ideas for my blog, I come over here. Tomorrow for WORDLESS WEDNESDAY, my post will be entitled BY THE BRIM OF MY HAT !! tee hee...
these are so cute and we loved having lunch with Cate and then having her over to the house for awhile on Sunday. Ya'll should take a break every Sunday!!
*smiles, Memaw

bj said...

OOPS, Can't do the post of her and her love affair with the brim of her hat until July 1st...

Sandi said...

Great story Jessica. No one can compete with the ceiling fan, ha.