Thursday, June 25, 2009

small victories

For two nights in a row now, Cate has slept from about 11 to 6:30, waking up only once to eat. (Cue the hallelujah chorus.) I'm also impressed that she'll wake up at night sometimes and fuss a bit but eventually go back to sleep on her own. I feel confident that she'll get a good sleep routine down just in time for us to go on our 4th of July trip and get her all messed up again, but oh well. It's nice knowing it's possible.

In addition to feeling a tad less tired, I actually put on some jeans this morning that buttoned! Hooray! There's lots of things they don't tell you about having a baby-even though I read an outrageous amount of baby books and websites- and one of those things is you'll be wearing your stretchy pants for months after the baby is here. Admittedly, I could have gone out to buy pants that fit, but there was this number in my head that stopped me. Women know what I'm talking about here- that number that they sew into the back of the jeans that can only go up a certain amount and be acceptable. I pulled a pair of jeans off the wrack that was in the uppermost limit of my acceptable range, had a wrestling match with them in the dressing room, finally forced them up over my thighs, stuck my tongue out at them in the mirror and left the store with an elastic-waist skirt. But today I reached a small victory. I'm not going to lie, I'm dealing with a bit of a muffin-top here, but at least the two flaps will come together in lovely, albeit strained, buttoned harmony.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

bath time!

Cate has gone from experiencing bath time with careful wariness, to a cacophany of terror, to a pleasant...dare I say it? glee...if she's in the right mood. Usually if she so much as cracks a smile I run and put her in the bathtub, anxious to get the bath in while we both might actually enjoy it. Sometimes by the time I get the whole thing set up she's already peeved...or asleep. But here is some awww-inspiring evidence that she occasionally enjoys being clean...

Kuddos to my husband, the photographer, who so graciously let me post these pictures instead of keeping all his fabulous artwork to himself.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


We made it to about 10:30 this morning before we called in reinforcements.
Let me explain. It all started yesterday when I was making my 53rd lap around the house bouncing a complaining Catherine from window to window. She didn't scream, just threated to, by constantly frowning and yelling hey! every couple of seconds. (She really does this.) She was just letting me know that if I so much as thought about sitting down she was going to really let loose.
So I was feeling rather unproductive because I had had hopes of working out...or doing homework...or writing on that novel that keeps edging further out of my grasp. I was pouty and grumpy as we loaded up to go to dinner (an intelligent ploy by the man of the house to give his ill-tempered ladies some change of scenery).
Cate was content in her car seat- just looking around and being rather quiet. Then she started spitting up. So at a stop sign, I shifted into the backseat and started cleaning her up. She was not bothered by being covered in vomit, in fact, she was ecstatic. When I got into her line of vision, she grinned and cooed. Her eyes got big and she opened her mouth into the biggest smile her tiny face can muster. She looked at me like I was the coolest thing she'd ever seen. (She looks at the ceiling fan with the same unbridled joy, but nevertheless...) It gave me the shove I needed to get over my moodiness.
So today it was Cory's turn. I vowed to get out and do something today. So I left Cate with her daddy and went jogging. I also insisted that he let me mow the lawn today...I was just so tired of being cooped up. But when I came back from the park, Cate was doing the same face-scrunching, half-holler thing to him and he had that crazy look in his eye. That she-won't-stop-screaming, why-does-she-hate-me, where's-the-tequila look. I knew it because I had it yesterday. So yeah, back to the reinforcements- we called grandma and granddad, who along with Cate's aunts, were all too happy to take over for a few hours.
Sometimes this whole mom-thing comes so naturally, everything falls into step. It's easy- this new life that is just a shadow of the one I used to have. It just makes sense that everything is about her. And then there are days like today. I feel a little bad, because it hasn't even been that long since we had a break. Cory and I got to go to dinner together last weekend in Austin. I'm not one of those martyr mothers who lament, "Gosh, I haven't had a moment to myself in...who knows...16 years." I guess since I still have a little selfishness left in me, it's a good thing there's such a huge amount of people just dying to spend a little time with Cate.
In our time away, we got a few things done around the house and caught a movie (Star Trek) that we've been wanting to see for awhile. It took all of about 5 seconds before we were missing her and thinking about going to get her.
One last thing- I want to post some pics we took a couple of days ago. Cate's such an outside baby- she loves to be going places and looking at the trees and lights. We were about to go out walking and exercising when we took these. She was intrigued by the brim of her hat.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009


We spent a lovely weekend in Austin- our first overnight trip away from home. It was a looong drive, but Catherine was awesome. She's such a good traveler. Tons of family gathered in a hotel and watched my cousin Jaylen run in the state track meet. It was really hot, but everyone pitched in to make Cate more comfortable. Mom sat under the bleachers (where it was very stuffy) with her out of the sun, and Aunt Nana and Aunt B followed her about with handheld fans. Of course, everyone was ready to lend a hand to carry her around. Then she went back to the hotel and relaxed by the pool with her Mimi and Pappy.
She also made her debut to her cousins (or aunt and uncle, depending on who you ask) Cody and Laura, Tom and Mallory, and her great-uncle Gary. She even got to spend a little time with Uncle Jess. It was a little hectic, having so much family in the same space, but we had a good time.
Coming home was hard because I was so tired from the trip, and I had volunteered to sub for summer school for a couple of days. Of course, Cate was off her schedule, I was off mine, and our house was (and still is) a total disaster. Thankfully, my summer school days are over now and we can start recovering from the trip...packed bags are still lingering all about the house. Someone asked me as I was leaving to sub for them in a few days, and I actually told them no! Go me!
So anyway, I just wanted to post this picture of our beautiful state champion (1st in the 800m, 3rd in the mile relay). Hopefully those medals will rub off a little good luck (and perhaps athleticism?) on our little daughter.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

lucky girl

Four years ago today some sparks were a-flyin'.It was the day I got to start my real-life fairy tale with the man who makes me feel like a queen. And oh, the places we would go...

The last four years have been better than I could have imagined and I have received more blessings than I could have asked for. He's my favorite person with whom to travel, to go for a run around our park, to lounge about and watch vampire shows, to dream about the future, and to plan our escape route should zombies attack. He puts a smile on my face, and if I can make him half as happy as he makes me, we'll be smiling for a very, very long time.