Saturday, May 30, 2009


I've been wanting to post about this for awhile. I'm so excited that Cate has so many great-grandparents. I don't think that happens very often, so I wanted to celebrate all of them. Here they are in no particular order:
Cory's Grandma (I have to call them by the names we call them, since Cate hasn't given them names yet.) She's the one on the right. Cleta is the one holding Cate. She's sort of an honorary member of the family.
Here are some four generation pics. First we have Memaw.

Here's Popppa.

And this is Nee Nee.

Can't forget Granddad.
And these two pics were just too cute not to post:

So sweet!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

mommy pics

I decided to post some of my own pics for a change. The first ones were actually taken by Mom because I was giving Cate her first bath. She did pretty good the first time since she didn't know what was going on. Since then, every bath has been a delicate balance of her testing out her lungs and me trying to stuff a pacifier in her mouth with one hand while trying to soap her up with the other.
We've had a pretty good week together. We've been getting out of the house and going for walks in the park. She's been sleeping fairly well at night...I think there was only one night this week where I was pretty sure someone had switched my sweet quiet baby with a howler monkey.
I try to be a good mommy and not laugh at her when she whacks herself in the face with her flailing fists. Since she doesn't really have control of her limbs yet, she probably thinks I'm the one whacking her in the face.

She turns one month old tomorrow.
Best parts of the last month: her facial expressions and "smiles," putting her in our bed at night when she's wide awake and staring at her wide eyes, watching her sleep on her daddy's chest curled up on the couch, guessing who she looks like (my long toes, cory's eyes), getting to see her family, grandparents, and great-grandparents fall in love with her for the first time.

Toughest parts of the last month: learning to sleep in 2 hour increments (though I think I am getting used to it just takes some adjusting), boo for stuffy noses! she hates it when I have to try to use the nose sucker, I made her bleed once with said nose sucker, overwhelming feelings of responsibility and inadequacy (what will I do if she _____ (gets sick/won't sleep/runs off with a toddler twice her age/gets abducted by aliens/never learns to swim)!?)

I really have enjoyed being home with her. Here are some pics I've taken the last couple of days. I caught some of those precious smiles!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

pics, pics, pics!

I've been meaning to share these for awhile now...apologies to the "geographically challenged" grandparents. These are some shots taken by our friend Melanie Pittman. Check out her website. In addition to a pic of Cate, if you scroll down to some of her earlier posts, you can see some maternity pics of Cory and me. I never got a chance to post any of those because I picked up the disc of pictures on Monday and Cate began her grand entrance on Tuesday. Anyway, hopefully I'll be more faithful about posting more often...I've got a couple of posts already planned in my head, but no promises about how soon they'll be up. Enjoy these for now!
She was so happy to be dressed up.

I'm holding back a few really good ones, too, for possible birth announcements. Give Mel a shout on her website and let her know what a great job she did!