Thursday, March 05, 2009


This has been a surprisingly peaceful and enjoyable week. It's been busy, but it felt like more of a productive busy than a frantic one. I can't believe I am saying that about a week that included the TAKS test, but the baby keeps that in perspective. It's working out well because the fact that we're about to have a new life to care for keeps the stresses of work in perspective, and the tasks at my job help keep me from obsessing over the baby. It's quite a nice balance!

My grad school class let out early, so I had some time at home by myself for some baby book scrapbooking. Also, so far the class has been really energizing. Most of the people in there are not teachers yet, so they're still really excited and passionate and idealistic about what the classroom should look like. It's funny because I'm probably the youngest one in the class, but I'm usually the voice of "reason" (or the downer) because I'm thinking things like, "That's a really good idea, but it's not very practical." Or they'll wave their fists and assert that if teachers would just do xyz, then the classroom would be so much better. And I'm smirking to myself and thinking that that would be fine if we didn't already have a-w to do. But it's nice to be reminded of what it felt like before the actual pressures and issues of work and actual students weighed me down. It makes me remember that no matter how deceitful or obnoxious or rude they get, they're still just kids. Just ten-year-olds. And even the bathroom wall scribbler girl really just wants me to like her, and give her some attention. It's nice talking with these other college students about education. It reminds me of my purpose and makes me more compassionate. This week, it's made me a better teacher.

Another reason I think I've been so content this week (and I know it sounds shallow) but I've had all these new clothes to wear! A couple of weeks ago the girls and I all got together and swapped clothes that we had sitting in our closets. It was so much fun, and I got so many new-to-me outfits! People have been complimenting me all week, and that'll put a smile on any girl's face.

I'd say the final up-point of my week was that I didn't cry at child birth class! Yea! (grin) Last week the class started off rocky because of my tendency to be directionally challenged. Compound that with some "pregnesia" and you've got Cory and me showing up to our first child birth class an hour late, with me choking back tears. Fortunately, no one could see that my face was red and puffy because the lights were all off while they watched a movie. Unfortunately, the movie was half way over (and half-way through the stages of labor) so my first glimpse of child birth class was...well, let's just say not pretty. The tears came anew, as the voice in my head sobbed, "I don't want to do that!"
But this week, the shock had worn off a bit, we were on time, and the information seemed helpful and useful.
Ok, I'm done rambling. There's so much going on, and today I am content to be exactly where I am.


Roxanne said...

You'll be fine! If I can do it, you can certainly do it. Those childbirth videos are much scarier than actual childbirth.

Memzie Latham said...

You have such a natural beauty, inside and outside!