Tuesday, February 17, 2009

big 97

Shocking news from the doctor's office today. Our baby weighs 4 1/2 pounds! All the books I have been reading say that about 3 pounds is on track for right now. She is measuring about 2 weeks ahead of schedule all the way around. It's crazy because she was right on track at our 20 week ultrasound. Also, she apparently has a huge head as well. (Which should be super-pleasant for me when she decides to enter the world.) Her head size is about 4 weeks ahead of schedule. The doctor kept remeasuring it to make sure he had it right, and he asked, "Um, were either of you really big babies or did you come early?"
So he said he would meausure again in about 6 weeks. If she continues at this rate, we may have to induce at 38 weeks, or he said we may have to consider a C-section if she is too big by then. Look out, Sumo Sam, we may have a perfect match for you!
The good news is that everything still looks good. My blood sugar is normal. (High blood sugar can cause babies to grow to a bigger size more quickly.) And he confirmed that she is a girl, which is comforting since I've already got a closetful of pink.

I know what many of you are thinking..."Do you have a name for this whopper yet?" And the answer is no. We have 3 names for her. We've finally whittled the list down to three first names and three middle names that we'll have to pick from in the coming weeks. Haley and Laura have demanded that I at least reveal the initials, so they can start guessing. Cory and I decided that all the guesses had to be via the internet, though, because I am a horrible liar and would no doubt give the name away. So here they are, in all their glory, the possible (and subject to change without notice) initials of giant baby girl Hendricks:
Cory's favorite: CEH (they just happen to be the same as his own)
My favorite: ERH
A third choice: AEH/ARH

So, if you'd like to venture a guess, just leave it in the comment section. It doesn't mean that I'll tell you if you guess right, but maybe we can put together some sort of prize package for a correct guess. (Like some leftover valentine candy or a photo-op with the newborn beauty.)


Bryan said...

Hey y'all, well at least you are both healthy. That baby was doomed to have a big head though seeing as her uncle has a large one too...
My guesses:
Catelyn Elizabeth Hendricks
Erlina Roseline Henderson (ha no clue on that set)
Areal Elizabeth/ Roseline Hendricks/ Henderson..
Anyway... take care of my niece.

Sandi said...

I am glad everything looks ok! Big Baby H, dont some babies get to go home at that weight, ha. I think Mom is so healthy and so is she!I am glad her parents are on the ball, and will be ready. Though I cant get a sequence together here's my guess, I'll take the photo op:

bj said...

love, Memaw

Sam said...

Yes!! Big 97 has to be my soul mate!
Cecilia Earline Hendricks McEwen
Emma Rose Hendricks McEwen
Annette Earline/Rose Hendricks McEwen

Diana Latham said...

Clara Elizabeth or Esther Rose? :)

One thing I do know is that you are one fun mom. Thanks for making the name thing a fun game for us all.

Big babies are great!!! Carleigh was 9.2. So content!!!

So glad that all is well.

Sarah said...

I think I'm going to go with:
Carlita Emmeline Hendricks,
Evita Rodriguez Hendricks, and
Appelita Esposita/Annie Ray Hendricks

I'm also going to add a suggestion to the list (which frankly, I can't believe is not already at the top):
Jimi (no middle initial) Hendricks. Some of us are thrust into greatness, and don't you want that for your cannonball baby?

Diana Latham said...

Emileigh and Carleigh have some ideas:

Carleigh Emileigh
Evelyn Rosetta


KC said...

OMG...too much pressure to try and figure this out. I can come up with some E names and some R names but am stuck on some C. I love Rebecca and I love Evaline (for personal reasons). Bailey thinks Catelyn and Elizabeth. Andrea thinks Cierra and Eve and Andi or maybe Applebottom! We will be thinking...

Uncle Jess E said...

oooh this is fun...but no Js? gotta say I'm a bit disappointed.

Corissa Earline/Chelsea Elizabeth (surprised I'm the first Chelsea and NOT the first Earline)
Emily Rachelle/Elizabeth Reanne
Aimee Eloise/Allison Evette

of course, E by itself is quite the name. How bout Chels E Hendricks? I think that's the winner.

Or you could go celebrity style:
Chandelier Epsilon
Evening Reservoir
Aspen Egg/Aqua Rollercoaster

OOH! Aspen Rose, seriously. I think that's it. I await my prize.

Kim said...

Oh my - I cannot wait to meet her no matter what her name is!!!!!

Okay, I'm going with:

Claire Elizabeth Hendricks (I love this one!)

Elizabeth Rebecca Hendricks (Also very pretty!)

Betsy said...

I thought I commented! Bet I hit preview and then never hit publish. Oh well.

OK, so I'm thinking the E has to be Elizabeth (for me?! ha).

And as a woman whose middle name is her mother's maiden name (Bowman), it just makes sense to me that the R is Reaves. So my vote is Elizabeth Reaves Hendricks.

evan said...

Cora Evan Hendricks
Evan Rachel Hendricks
Amelia Evan Hendricks
Amelia Rachel Hendricks

I know I'm right. Okay, well maybe I'm right about what the H stands for.