Wednesday, January 21, 2009

photography by cory hendricks

Over the weekend Cory and I took the girls out for a photo shoot. They were beautiful models and I think Cory really captured their personalities. There were so many great shots, and these are just a few.

Friday, January 02, 2009

was that the mexican food or did the baby just try to jump out of my belly?

"Is Neo moving?" was a constant question when we were in Grapevine. Kim and my female cousins were anxious to feel her kick. The funny thing was that she seemed to go out of her way to only kick at odd 3 in the morning or when we were in a public movie theater. Finally, toward the end of the visit, Kim got to feel her, but only after I had knocked over a beverage in my haste to call her over. Sometimes I think she's in there snickering at all the fuss we're making.
Naturally, already being the joyfully obstinate child that she is, as soon as we got home, she has just started kicking away. Yesterday was really crazy. Cory was talking...for a long time... about our new speakers that we got for Christmas. (My favorite quote was "I am awesomized by them," but that's beside the point.) The baby was kicking the whole time he was talking, so I interrupted him and told him to feel. Then, of course, she stopped kicking. So, I was thinking that it was the sound of his voice that was making her kick so I told him to keep talking. He put his ear to my stomach and started talking about (surprise!) camera lenses, and she kicked him in the ear! (Good girl!) I really think she was responding to the sound of his voice. She would stop kicking when he would stop talking. She loves her daddy already!
Then today while we were watching a movie, I saw my belly move out of the corner of my eye. (I have to look around it these days to see the tv.) There was the natural movement of me breathing and then these little waves of baby nudges! I can't believe I could see her kicking. I'm still kind of freaked out (but in a good way) about feeling the baby move, and now I can see her!
Since both of these events happened while we were either talking about or listening to the new speakers, the only conclusion that I can come to is that she loves a good sound system. Maybe when she grows up she can make good money installing car stereos or home theater systems. (Cory will probably try to use the "baby loves electronics" excuse to register for a blu-ray player or some indoor/outdoor speakers. Actually, that sounds like a pretty good idea. When I tire of all the pink, I might do that myself.)
I just didn't think that we'd be able to see her movements this early. I hope she's not some rapidly-growing mutant child who's going to bust out of here and head for the nearest Best Buy. At least, if she has to do that, I hope she leaves my ribs intact.