Sunday, December 14, 2008

'tis the season

Sometimes I spend too much time thinking about the things I don't like about the holidays. Stressing over shopping, the squealing voice of Leann Rimes singing carols in every store, the roads clogged with vehicles manned with drivers with as much skill and courtesy as a goldfish. Even looking outside today was like seeing the world through dirt-colored glasses. (But really, Lubbock wind can't be blamed on the holidays.)

Ok, so I didn't intend to go into that much detail about what I don't like.... because what I really wanted to say is that it's easy to get caught up in all of that and forget the good things. I love winter clothes like scarves and hats and coats. I love winter food: stews and soups and roast beast. I love how the crisp air, when it is still, feels easier to breathe, and it can seem so quiet and peaceful outside in the middle of the day. I love the building anticipation of the visitation of Santa that has even the most cynical of my students constantly wiggling in their seats. I love coming into my home when the weather is harsh, seeing my Christmas tree lit up and surrounded with presents for the people I love and having my heater defrost my icy extremities. Then I love getting even toastier by cuddling with my husband and my dog. And to top it all off, a precious life grows inside me and nudges my belly to remind me that I'm not in control of this world. Not even my little corner of it.

So, I'm thankful for Christmas trees, and warm homes, and being barefoot and pregnant:

I'm thankful for cuddly Cory and Clive. (Aren't they handsome?)

And I'm thankful for festive Christmas parties and fabulous friends. Just when we think we can't fit another person in the picture, someone else is pregnant and Cory get's a wider lense. Who'll it be next year?

Merry Christmas! May the joys of Christmas greatly outweigh the stresses!


Memzie Latham said...

Thank you for sharing! You look like a merry mother already! I hope Christmas is relaxing for you as well.

Roxanne said...

Not me! Not it! Not it!