Monday, December 29, 2008

and the baby is...(part 2)

A GIRL!! I know that in a recent post I was all whiney and dejected because I thought we wouldn't get to do another ultrasound for a few months. Then I learned of this amazing place called Stork Vision. We went in and they had a a room that looked like a living room with couches and a big tv on the wall. They projected the picture of our precious baby onto the tv and we got some really incredible pictures and a dvd of the whole experience. (Watch out, or any time you're at our house we may make you watch it!) I can't believe how great the pics are, and they even did a 3D one even though she's still a little small to be getting good 3D pics. Ok, enough jabbering, on to those amazing pictures...
Here's an awesome profile pic. She had her hand by her face the whole time.

Here she is, turned to look at us:

This is almost her whole body. Her head is on the right and her knees curled up on the left.

And the feet. Dad told the technician that those should be easy to find because if they were like mine, they'd be big. She had to take a second to look for them though. :)
This is one of my favorites. She's sucking her thumb.
And the awesome 3D picture. It takes a minute to see it, but once you do, you can't look away. (At least I feel that way.) It's like one of those magic eye things. :) The technician says she has hair already! Wonder if it's red??
Hooray for Baby Hendricks, a beautiful girl!


bj said...

OOOO, Jessica...I am just absolutely BESIDE myself...I can see that she is so so so beautiful. Oh, and I think I DO see RED hair...yes, 'mam...I am pretty sure of it.
WOW...what amazing pictures...just awesome!
OK, I am taking pictures and your words over to my blog so I can brag on this beautiful baby AND her beautiful mom and dad !!
WOW...I am almost speechless when I look at these pictures.....
I love you,

Cousin Tami said...

I just read my message from Cory, called Mom, and saw the pics. Oh my word!! Two new girls in the family, what an exciting time and true blessing. I'm so happy for you. Pecos and I are planning a trip after she is born and y'all are settled. Have any names yet? Let me know asap!! I have cute personalized things to get ordered. Congrats and Love you both bunches, I mean all 3 of you! Oh, and Clive too!! Love ya!

Memzie Latham said...

I am so excited for you! Congrats on it being official!!!!

Diana Latham said...

Congrats Jessica!!! We are soooo happy for you guys. It is quite a wonder to get to see them inside you. What a mystery!!!
We can't wait to meet her.
Love you guys, Di

Sandi said...

Hooray is right! I really did like the last one best. It is hard to believe we can see her that good, she may have red hair, but am I the only one that thinks she looks like her Mom right now? She's beautiful! I wasnt going to make a joke about the foot, but knew someone would mention it, ha. Love, Grandma Hendricks (dont know what my name is)