Saturday, October 25, 2008

hail the queen

This week, Lacey was the freshman nominee for Homecoming Queen. She got nominated while she was on the cruise, so she had exactly one day to find a dress to get ready for pictures at the beginning of the week. I'd say she did a good job: That sweet ride was provided by Alderson (thanks Michael!) and Cory and I got to ride around in it the rest of the evening...after he drove her around the track, of course.
I loved David's matching purple tie! They made a lovely match walking onto the football field. I just had to brag a little on my sister. When you have pictures this gorgeous, you gotta share them!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

baby hendricks

Here is our precious baby! The doctor said it was moving around so much that it was hard to get a clear shot. When he was showing us, we could see little legs, feet and a sweet little hand by its face. In this picture, the head is on the left and the rump is in the bottom right hand corner. I think the blur in the middle/right could be an arm? It's hard to tell.
It made it seem more real to be able to actually see our baby. Especially for Cory. He said he guessed I wasn't just making the whole thing up after all.
We're both healthy and everything is perfect, and we are so thankful.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Oh dear. I've been holding on to so much, like my job, the baby, various weddings, and a bag of cheddar jalapeno Cheetos, that I dropped the blog. Apologies to my avid readers, aka my brother who is on his blog honeymoon and updating practically every day and hasseling me because I'm slow. He's making me look bad by updating from the middle of the ocean. (And I'm not bitter that he's there and I'm here.)
Ok, so to catch everyone up, we went to San Antonio for a lovely fancy wedding. It was a long drive, an expensive hotel, and I had to resist many of the beverages, but it was worth every minute when the whole family was on the dance floor, from the reserved aunt and uncle to the usually disengaged teenagers, flailing about to "We are Family."
Here's the lovely couple, Mal and Tom:

Jenn and Paula looking fabulous:And a group shot of my family, minus Cory because he's forever behind the camera:

So, one wedding down, two to go. I've also been contemplating the possiblity of grad school, checking into all the schools around here (there are actually 3!), budgeting, and plotting which program will get me out the fastest.

The last big thing going on is that we get to see our baby for the first time tomorrow. Our first ultrasound! I can't wait. I know little Neo is still really small, but I'm so excited that I've now made it to the first trimester. I'll post pictures as soon as I get them and find someone's scanner to steal for a few minutes.