Thursday, September 18, 2008


I decided it was time to let the whole internet world know that in seven months, Clive will be getting a (human) sibling. He's been a little rebellious lately, barking in the middle of the night, stealing our shoes out of the closet, and pulling me by his leash down the street, but I figure that it takes some getting used to- realizing he won't be the center of attention for much longer. I think he'll come around, and he'll feel better once the baby is here and he can cover him/her in saliva.
The whole process has been surreal, and I can't say that it's even completely sunk in that we're going to be someone's parents. I mean, should two people so pale, freckly, and clumsy be able to combine their gene pools? I'm not sure.
It's crazy how fast things start changing and strange things start happening. In the past two months, I've fainted, taken a nap on a regular basis, eaten about 6 times a day, and refused to eat much meat, all things that didn't really happen before. I have the sense of smell that Lacey said could rival Edward Cullen (vague vampire book reference, apologies). And, perhaps not the least of the strange things, I've referred to my coming child as Neopolitan, which was apparently the name of a distant Civil War-era relative of my father's. I'm a little afraid it's going to stick; Cory's already shortening it to Neo. (yikes) I've also consisted mostly on a diet of pasta and things covered in cheese, but I can't say that's too far from what I like to eat normally.
So I guess the only thing I can really say is that it's all pretty exciting and scary and overwhelming and consuming. Say a prayer for little Neopolitan, as he/she has to put up with us figuring out this whole parenting thing, and I'll be sure to post any crazy child-rearing shenanigans we happen to get into.


Memzie Latham said...

I am excited for ya'll!!! I can't wait to hear more.

Kim said...

Poor Clive - he is in for a rude awakening! Seriously, we are so excited and I cannot wait to start shopping for our new little bundle of joy. Love you guys - Kim

Anonymous said...

I am so excited to be a grandma and you and Cory will be great parents! It is a wonderful, beautiful, truly God-given experience! I love you! MOM

Sam said...

It won't sink in, not even after Neo arrives! I still think God wasn't in his right mind when he thought we could be parents!.... But then again maybe he was. I love that little bugger of mine!