Sunday, September 07, 2008


We spent this weekend in Hamlin at Poppa's annual hunting extravaganza with a whole slew of family, friends, and honorary family members. Several things happened that made it sort of a nostalgic time. First, we had the playground dedication for Grandma. Her cousin, Sammy, gave a speech that had us all teary-eyed before he even finished the first sentence. Then all the grandchildren cut the ribbon and initiated the playground.

The second thing that had us all, cruising down memory lane was that Poppa bought another jeep! Awhile back, when I was about ten or twelve, he bought a yellow jeep for all of his grandchildren to learn to drive. He insists that I learned to drive on that thing, though I sincerely doubt I ever did more than steer while someone else worked the gears. Unless I've suffered sudden amnesia or a severe lapse in muscle coordination since I was ten, I'm pretty sure that the first time I ever tried to drive a standard was when I was repeatedly stalling Bryan's Civic in the Target parking lot a couple of months ago. This new candy apple beauty was much easier to drive though. I practiced driving back and forth down "beer can alley" for half a day before I dared take it into the busy traffic of Sunday-morning Hamlin.

Poppa actually got a few minutes in it in between all the various grandchildren taking it for a spin. He and his buddies took it to the land to hunt. Actually, I don't think Poppa even took his gun. He just sat here on his perch and heckled the guys for all the birds they missed. But he did it in style.


Memzie Latham said...

Awesome pics and even though there were tears, it sounded like a great time.

KC said...

I love the pictures and the tears that were shed. Thanks! Mom