Thursday, September 25, 2008

travel envy

I've had a certain condition for awhile. It's been swimming around the back of my head for months, and just this evening I've put a name to it: travel envy. Let me explain. When my dad mentioned that he was thinking about going to Europe this summer, my immediate response was, "Oh, please don't go, Dad. Please DON'T go! It'll break my heart!"
Sure, a normal response would have been, "Oh wow, that's great. You've never been to Europe before, and you've been working a lot longer than me, and you deserve a trip that perfect. I'm a little jealous."
But oh, no, the travel envy spewed from my mouth like my oh so many bouts of morning sickness. And it's taken me some time, but I'm coming to terms with it. Sure, I want to go to Europe...and it's probably not going to happen for awhile. But I'm coming around. It's probably a good thing that he started working the Europe idea in a good 9 months before it actually happens. I can usually return to reason after awhile.
But October will be my nemesis. Everyone is going to the beach but me! In the fall?! Are you trying to torture me? My dad and company are going to our favorite Playa, and Mom and company are going on a cruise which includes Jamaica and Cozumel. Even my younger sisters are missing a full week of school. I'm so jealous. I expect to be experiencing the full effects of T.E.: mopiness, irritability, droopiness, and an unusual preoccupation with sand.
So, come mid-October, If I answer your casual "How's it going?" with a snappy, "Well, I'm not sitting on a beach, am I?" you'll all know why. Travel envy.


Memzie Latham said...

I am sorry. That stinks!!!

KC said...

I am so sorry to chuckle at the seriousness of your condition! i am feeling kinda guilty! I wish you could be with us! I know that you will have great experiences while we are gone though and it will all be worth it!

Betsy said...

Just remember . . . you were in Playa in June when I was sitting home . . . :)

Kim said...

I will miss you terribly and drink a Calypso Daiquiri in your honor. : )