Tuesday, June 03, 2008

summer resolutions

This is my quote board that hangs on our dining room wall. Pictures of sunsets, me and Cory, me and my girls, and Teddy Roosevelt are completely normal things to have on it. A bikini-clad woman, however usually has no place on the quote board. I have made an exception, though, because this is the bathing suit I want when we go to Playa in 10 days. TEN DAYS! She helps motivate me to work out everyday. So here are my resolutions for this summer. I am making myself a list so I don't waste the season of no work by taking naps and watching daytime television.

1) Work out everyday until Playa. Run, pilate, or walk Clive everyday.

2) Write! I want to blog frequently and finish something written this season. I either want to finish a novel that I've been working on or start a new one and finish it. That last part is the kicker: I love starting new stories, but I get tired of them and quit. I resolve to stick it out this time.

3) Work a little. There are some grants I want to write, some technology classes to take, and some units to plan for school. A light sprinkling of work never hurt anyone, I suppose.

4) Only sleep in on the weekends. Naps are only acceptable when expressly earned or direly needed. (That sounds harsh, but really, who's going to decide if the nap is "direly needed"? Me.)

5) Read. (But be careful not to fall asleep while reading.) I have 3 books looming right now, one of which is in Spanish, and I need to start it before Playa...which is in 10 DAYS!

6) Be a housewife. Since Cory's bringing home the pasta (we don't eat much bacon) by teaching summer school, I'm going to spend some time cleaning and organizing the house. This is going to be a tough one.

7) Avoid telemarketers and door to door salesmen.

Ok, I think that is a resonable list. Mostly, if I can just avoid sleeping a lot I think I can count the summer as a success.


Anonymous said...

I love the polka dots. Now I see what you meant by that! I love it! I wish you the best of luck with your resolutions! I am still working on mine and it is still the same one that I started with when I started teaching! I just can't get motivated in the summer!!!! Love you-Mom

Memzie Latham said...

Those sound like good resolutions. How much fun! I hope you have a great summer. Enjoy Playa!!!