Saturday, June 21, 2008

back home

We made it home from Mexico! It's been a bit of an ordeal because our flight was supposed to be on Thursday but then got cancelled. The only reasonable explanation for this is that perhaps the flight crew were just as reluctant to leave the pristine crystal-blue water as we were. They'd rather ship a plane-full of grouchy gringos to the nearest Marriott than have to face their final beach crawl.

That left us to fly to Dallas, quickly show Dad and Kim (tearful with envy) the pictures, and then make the drive back to Lubbock last night. We finally got here, picked up the dog, and came home to the sad realization that our air conditioner was not working. It was almost 90 degrees in my house, and the thermostat was not moving! We did what any resonable adults would do; we made a fort in the living room! Ok, so it was more like a pallet than a fort, but it made sense because the biggest ceiling fan is in the living room. We threw the couch cushions in the floor and covered them with a sheet:

Of course, Clive's droopy sad eyes convinced Cory to let him sleep in the floor with us, so between waking up in puddles of sweat and Clive licking my feet, I didn't get much sleep.

The other thing that is currently engulfing my free time and thoughts is the series by Stephanie Meyer.

Lacey read them and was completely enthralled by them. Since she recommended them, and she's infinitely cooler than me, I had to check them out. Cory and I both read the first one, Twilight, on the beach. (My cousin and soon-to-be cousin-in-law have also read them and loved them.) I've started in on the second one, and I can't put it down. They're teenage vampire romance novels. If you're looking for literary gold, this may not be the book for you, but if you want to get wrapped up in a love story, it's hard to beat. It's actually kind of inspired me to do some more writing, which I haven't actually done yet, but I am vowing to do so over the next few weeks.

I'll post some vacation photos as soon as I have the tenacity to sort through the pictures again, and I'll tell more about the trip. It's a thrilling, action-packed, rite of passage vacation story that you won't want to miss. (It doesn't involve vampires, but all except one of us are frighteningly pasty and especially vulnerable to the sun.)

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Memzie Latham said...

Wow what a trip!
I remember when our air conditioner went out in our house. We all camped out in the living room with the windows open. The cool thing was we were together and we fell asleep to the sound of crickets. Like we were actually camping out. Such fun!
I am having the same problem, too. I can't seem to sit down and write. Writing was one of my goals this summer as well. Just write and write, but I am getting information on what I am wanting to write about. I just haven't gotten to the point of paper and pen.