Saturday, April 26, 2008


We had an unusual girls' day today. The Toms shoe people were in town at a local clothing store. I've loved Toms shoes for quite some time. I already own 3 pair. This event was special because you could buy a pair of plain white Toms and decorate them yourself. They had spray paint, dye, acrylic, and glitter paint. They set up tables outside with some under shaded tents, and the Eli Smith band was playing. It was really fun to be out in the Spring weather doing something creative. Plus, for every pair of Toms that is bought, they give another pair to a child in need.
Can you guess which shoes are mine?


Memzie Latham said...

I believe your shoes are the striped multi-colored pair.

Clark said...

Hey Hoping to Fall-

Thank you for writing about TOMS in your blog! We would like to send you a gift to show our appreciation. Please e-mail me your mailing address by this Friday! Also, we’d like to invite you to join our online community on Facebook at TOMS Shoes: Shoes for Tomorrow.

Take care,
Clark Tanner