Sunday, March 02, 2008


I have been inspired by the people around me to focus on the beautiful things in my life. I am blessed to be surrounded by very artistic people... my husband takes photographs, Sarah makes jewelry, Cyrus makes music, Evan paints, Lori's passion for travelling and teaching is contagious, my brother has an artist hidden inside of him, my sister has a knack for Latin roots, even my puppy has a very unique ability of combining towels and coaxial cable into the perfect chew toy.

Me, I love to write. I love books, children's stories, song lyrics, advertisements. I even love teaching my students vocabulary. (But even a 4th grader looks at you cock-eyed when you say things like, "Now, this word is super fun! You're going to love this one.") I've revamped my blog in hopes of being more inspired more often. My world feels a little more organized, a little more enriched, and better focused when I can put it down on paper. I'm going to try to write more often, but even more important than that, I'm going to commit myself to noticing the beauty around me.
Here are some pics of things that I love that have happened since the last time I wrote..

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Sarah Timmons said...

I absolutely love the new look of your blog, Jess! It's perfect, the color, the design, everything. And the photo at the top in your banner is beautiful: give my compliments to Mr. Hendricks, the next Ansel Adams.