Thursday, March 13, 2008

attention literature geeks:

I've found a new website that I absolultely love! It's called It's all these books online, and they'll send them to you in daily installments to your email. You can choose how often you want to receive the installments, and if it's at a page-turning part of the book, you can have the next installment sent to you immediately by clicking a link at the end of the email.
The best part is that the classics are free! Several of the newer books are available for sale, (usually for cheaper than you could buy them) but who even needs newer books when you can have all the classics you want? I'm currently having The Adventures of Tom Sawyer sent to my inbox daily because it's a fun one to read when I need a break from work.
Ok, I'm done. Hopefully there's someone else out there who's heart leaps at the thought of brilliant (and free!) literature.


pappy said...

Just finish a documentary on Twain i downlaoded to the ipod. Good airplane watching. He was an interesting dude. Way ahead of his time on social issues. Terrible businessman.

evan said...

oooooh... thanks for the tip!

Sarah Timmons said...

I love it! Thanks for sharing this, Jess! I'm currently reading installment 15 (of 440), Bleak House by Dickens. Fantastic!

bj said...

I must admit that the word FREE sits my heart a'racing!!